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Frequently asked questions

What is rightcopy?

Rightcopy is a free portal that allows you to CERTIFY, PROTECT and PUBLISH photos and videos on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM,



Che significa rintracciare una foto?


TRACKING USER PHOTOS certifies the photo with RIGHTCOPY after which the first 10 photos are tracked free of charge every month by our system to check if the photos have been stolen or not, in the web world.

Insert the passport identification to your photographs.

Secure your profile with RIGHTCOPY.


What is a content?

A content on Rightcopy refers to photos and videos


How do I sign up for Rightcopy?

Rightcopy registration is done via FACEBOOK and GOOGLE, or otherwise with a simple MAIL and password.


How to certify a content?

To certify a photo or video you need to select the content from the gallery from your SMARTPHONE, TABLET, PC


Why certify a content?

For a photo deemed sensitive or valuable, certification is recommended, to prove that YOU ARE THE CREATOR of the content.


When is a content certified?

By clicking on Save photo or video, our system automatically certifies the content.


Why is it recommended to set the user's photo on certified content?

To attribute the content to the creator and give it more visibility in the web and social world.


Why focus the best part of the content?

In the Rightcopy market window, all photos of any format have the same size.


Why is it mandatory to enter the nickname?

The nickname, NAME OR SURNAME is required to attribute the content to the Creator and to facilitate the search by declaring that the photo is TRUE and not FALSE


Why the Rightcopy logo on content?

The Rightcopy logo is necessary to facilitate the search by attributing it to the portal and to demonstrate that the photo is TRUE and not FALSE


What is the code generated on the content for?

The code identifies the content on Rightcopy and the date and time of the certification


Why is it recommended to include the place and date in the description of the content?

The Place and Date of creation attributes the content to the creator and the duration on the rights


Why enter the price of the content?

Inserting the price to the content attributes its value.


How to buy an image?


How to receive the purchased content?

The content will be sent via e-mail with which you registered (complete and in best quality) from the Rightcopy portal as soon as it is available. Otherwise the requested content is not sent, a full refund will be made at no additional cost


How to get money on every sale?

Each user who has sold a content will be credited with the money upon reaching the quota of € 10.00 net in the next 14 days of the following month in the case of quota not reached the money will be credited in time of 45 days of the following month.


How much does rightcopy keep for each sale?

For each sale Rightcpy retains 30% of the value of the content.


Why haven't I received the money?

To receive the money, the user is obliged to send the requested content (complete and of the best quality) by e-mail to Rightcopy.

To receive the money the user is obliged to open a Pay-Pal account


How to make money with friends?

To earn with Rightcopy from friends send the invitation link to register at rightcopy.

In case it registers it will be associated with you, and for each completed sale you will receive 10% of the value of the content from Rightcopy.

You have no limit of friends-affiliates and you will be able to view the list of affiliates in your data.


What does "report this photo" mean?

Rightcopy asks anyone who visits our market to report any content deemed inappropriate to Rightcopy's policy with the appropriate icon.